[Inpycon] Proposal for PyCon India 2020 in Bangalore, India

Ritesh Agrawal udr.ritesh at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 01:58:28 EST 2020

Hi everyone,

This is Ritesh from BangPypers.

Few pythonistas in Bangalore, notably from BangPypers, PyLadies Bangalore
and people from past PyCon India organising team have gathered to pull off
PyCon India 2020 at Bangalore.

We will need support from the Python community of India, especially
previous PyCon India organizers. This will help in conducting PyCon India
2020 successfully.

Below is the tentative event details:

Format 1 (5 days)


   2 days conference

   1 day workshop

   2 days dev sprints

Format 2 (4 days):


   2 days conference

   1 day (workshop (first half), dev sprint (full day))

   1 day (dev sprints continue (full day))

Target Audience Count: 1500 - 1800

Venue Options:




   Manpho Convention Centre

   Taj Vivanta Yeshwantpur

We are also exploring other venues.

Date options:


   2-6 October 2020 (Favourable due to the long weekend, but will be
   finalised later based on other parameters like venue availability etc.)

   9-13 October 2020

   16-20 October 2020

   6-10 November 2020

   20-24 November 2020

Looking forward to suggestions and support from the community. If the
community agrees, then we will be sending a detailed proposal as soon as we
decide on the venue and dates.
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