[IPython-dev] Re: Leo, IPython and the summer of code

Edward K. Ream edreamleo at charter.net
Tue Jul 5 18:02:05 EDT 2005

> It does not interact with IPython in the way we need.

I implied in my original post that more work would be needed.  Suppose you 
do have some code that you need.  Embedding that code in Leo should be 

> However, we are not looking for a literate programming tool.

Leo is not _just_ a literate programming tool.  The literate programming 
features are optional, though I suspect that noweb will, in fact, be quite 
useful for this project.  In this discussion what is important is that Leo 
is a very fine notebook, with many general useful features that have nothing 
to do with LP.

> We are looking for a GUI Read-Eval-Print Loop that is embedded in a rich 
> text document.

What prevents you from putting that loop in Leo?  Leo's body pane, that is, 
the body text of each node, is in fact a rich text document.

> 1. We want the shell as part of the GUI.
> 2. We don't want the user to have to do any markup unless he is doing 
> something special.

I see no reason why these goals are incompatible with Leo.

> I do not believe that using Leo as a base for this project is justified at 
> this time.

Isn't it a bit hasty to dismiss Leo out of hand?  Without a code base 
similar to Leo you are likely to spend years of work on the notebook.

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