[IPython-dev] traits/tvtk objects and completion

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Jan 8 11:19:42 EST 2006

Arnd Baecker wrote:
> On Sun, 8 Jan 2006, Prabhu Ramachandran wrote:
>>>>>>>"Arnd" == Arnd Baecker <arnd.baecker at web.de> writes:
>>    Arnd> Hi, the attached example shows some weirdness with
>>    Arnd> traits/tvtk objects in that TAB completion does not work for
>>    Arnd> objects defined in an embedded shell.
>>FWIW this seems to work for me under IPython-0.6.15.
> And I just realized, that blaming traits/tvtk is not ok ;-)
> just doing this with `import os` and
> saying `os_=os` at the ipshell prompt does the same...
> (this is for IPython.__version__  '0.7.0.rc8')

Gimme a second, will you?  Fix coming... :)


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