[IPython-dev] new wxIPython version 0.4.(polished,polished!)

Jörgen Stenarson jorgen.stenarson at bostream.nu
Sun Dec 9 12:22:54 EST 2007

Laurent Dufrechou skrev:

> I think I'll also take a look at gael work now, as I'm quite happy with the
> current state of the app.
> And ho yes, I need to understand what is pyreadline used for, because I
> think some of its functions could have been used in my project... (there
> some magic lines like self.IP.readline_startup_hook that are in the project
> but don't know how does it works...)


the primary purpose of pyreadline is to provide windows users with an 
implementation of the functionality of GNU readline which is availbale 
on most unix like platforms. Readline provides an improved experience 
when working at the interactive prompt by supporting history, command 
line editing, copy paste, search through the history buffer etc.

Pyreadline has a console backend that can be replaced for different 
kinds of consoles. Currently there one for the standard windows console 
and an experimental one for ironpython. I'm planning to include a patch 
to support a callback interface which I think will be useful for 
inclusion of pyreadline in a gui event handler. I'm going to try to do 
this during the coming week. Hope this description helps.


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