[IPython-dev] wxIPython

Stefan Reichör stefan at xsteve.at
Thu Dec 13 10:07:05 EST 2007

"Laurent Dufrechou" <laurent.dufrechou at free.fr> writes:

The wxIpython shell is really great. Thanks to all involved.

> Hi guys,
> Here is my last version.
> I've removed the bug with '?' and probably also autocompletion.
> Feel free to report any other bugs.
> It doesn't support all the functions of true ipython shell but it's I think
> it's a good start.
> I need now to do some cleaning, comments etc...
> Current boring unsolved issue:
> 'Ls' command result is  written in console not into the widget ?_?
> If you really need ls just do... __IP.system("dir")
> Or whatever your os need :)
> How and crlc+c isn't supported... so don't write an infinite loop !
> Any comment, other bug report welcome.
> Cheers,
> Laurent
> ### known bug:
> # - currently WxConsoleView is a wx.Panel, can we change it to wx.TextCtrl?
> # - autoindent doesn't work 
> # - I must find a way to handle crtl+c with a os.fork() in case the ipython
> do an infinite loop
> #   while (1):
> #     a=1
> # - 'pass' key when call make the interpreter to stop current multiline
> command
> #   class a:
> #     def b():
> #       pass
> #     def c():
> #   --> syntax error '):'
> # - some color glitch if userr click in a prompt color zone and start to
> write text.
> # - 'ls' command don't work (and probably all external commands)

I tried it on Windows. The ls command and other external commands are
working for me.

On Linux, ls does not work as intended. And I have another (bigger)
problem: The input text is shown as black on black. Setting
self.default_text_color does not work on startup. When I hit tab, the
correct color is applied. However, On the next input line, it starts
again with black on black.

I changed the default background to white to have white on black ;-)

Another problem with my linux version is, that I have to set the cursor
manually after entering a line. Otherwise all input is ignored.

I use the following wx version:
In [4]: import wx
In [5]: wx.version()
Out[5]: ' (gtk2-ansi)'


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