[IPython-dev] [matplotlib-devel] IPython proposal: getting rid of "ipython -pylab\-wthread\etc."

Hans Meine hans_meine at gmx.net
Fri Jul 17 05:24:21 EDT 2009

On Thursday 16 July 2009 20:06:24 Brian Granger wrote:
> This is especially true of the threaded Shells in IPython.  Honestly, even
> with thousands of people using it (as is currently the case) it is a time
> bomb.

We (ipython users) all know that.  We are used to have a locked up ipython 
from time to time (with -q[4]thread, that is as least).

Just to let you know that there will be an immediate user-visible improvement 
from your work. :-)

Have a nice day,

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