[IPython-dev] HTML export with PNG or SVG images added to Qt console

Fernando Perez fperez.net at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 03:10:08 EDT 2010

Hi folks,

Thanks to Mark Voorhies (who gave us PDF printing just a few days
ago), we now have full HTML export of the entire buffer of the Qt


[ note: that's just the merge commit, the original commits are in the
tree with Mark's credits.  But I just realized that when ammending
merge commits from others, we should always use the --author flag,
because git credits the merge commit by default only to the committer
(and in this case I did precious little actual work beyond
reviewing/testing) ]

You can choose:

- inline png images: http://fperez.org/tmp/ipython-inline-png.htm
- pngs in an external directory: http://fperez.org/tmp/ipython-external-png.htm
- saving the original svgs: http://fperez.org/tmp/ipython-svg.xml

Many thanks to Mark for this contribution, it's fantastic!



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