[IPython-dev] OSMagics configurable?

sheila miguez sheila at codersquid.com
Sun Nov 25 18:53:35 EST 2012


I am new to ipython, and have some questions on how or whether one should
configure options for osm commands.

I had a conversation with Greg Wilson during pycon.ca sprints discussing
worked examples. Somehow it turned in to a bit of ipython code that makes a
backup copy of a file if it already exists so that new users don't clobber
things when using %%file.

I don't like changing an app's behavior on people like that, so I made
backup only occur if a magic argument is passed to %%file. Greg rightly
pointed out that people who are learning to program won't know to use that.

I started looking through how config works. Perhaps OSMagics could become
configurable, but if that was a good idea, someone would have done it
already. Is it a highly inadvisable thing or just something that no one has
needed yet?

Another thing, I noticed that config has different profiles. Perhaps backup
could be turned off by default, but there could exist a teaching profile
that enables it.


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