[IPython-dev] Blog article "Scientific Python for computers, tablets and smartphones"

Carl Smith carl.input at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 10:22:44 EST 2013

Ubuntu Phone looks really interesting for an OS to build on. I've been
using Python on Android for a while, and it's a constant challenge to
work around the limitations. I had a go at IPython on Android, but
ended up using SL4A in Remote Mode to control the droid over WiFi from
an instance of IPython Notebook, running on a regular box on the same

It seems ok to run things like text editors off-board anyway. If
you're hacking a mobile phone, you really want to do that in a desktop
environment and only have the code you've written actually running on
the phone. You can even run the program off-board and have the runtime
access the device with RPC style calls over the local network, which
is how SL4A does Remote Mode.

The problem is getting a nice environment running that has ready
access to all the features of a mobile device. Most distros don't
support telephony or any of the sensors. I like hacking toy robots so
I really need those sensors.

Thanks for this information Roberto. It's slightly off topic, but you
may find this project interesting. The top link is to a paper that
explains things a bit.




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