[IPython-dev] Installing ipython notebook in virtualenv on mac

Eric Matthes ehmatthes at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 10:53:32 EST 2013


I am trying to help a colleague get IPython Notebook running on a mac. I
use Ubuntu, and I've lost track of everything I did to get IPython running
on my machine. Right now, I can get IPython Notebook working in a virtual
environment by running the following commands:

    ~$ mkdir test_ipython
    ~$ cd test_ipython
    ~/test_ipython$ virtualenv -p python3.3 venv
    ~/test_ipython$ source venv/bin/activate
    (venv)~/test_ipython$ pip install ipython[all]==1.1.0

After this, I can run `ipython --version` and I see `1.1.0`, and I can run
`ipython notebook` successfully from an activated virtual environment.

My colleague is having issues, I believe, with pyzmq. Can someone clarify
what is wrong with these instructions, or what he needs to do to his
overall system to make these instructions work? He has python2.7 and
python3.3 installed on his system.

Also, I am quite new to the list, and if this kind of question really
belongs on Stack Overflow please let me know. I've been hunting around for
a while, but there are so many installation instructions for various
versions of IPython, and so many dependencies that I get lost pretty
quickly in the existing documentation.

Thank you,

Eric Matthes
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