[IPython-dev] SymPy printing in the ipython notebook

Richard Johns rjohns67 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 4 02:34:11 EDT 2014

I attempted to follow the examples in


If I open a new notebook and carry out the steps below the output is
mathematically correct but it isn't displayed in latex/mathjax format:

from IPython.display import display

from sympy.interactive import printing

from __future__ import division
import sympy as sym
from sympy import *
x, y, z = symbols("x y z")
k, m, n = symbols("k m n", integer=True)
f, g, h = map(Function, 'fgh')

Rational(3,2)*pi + exp(I*x) / (x**2 + y)

The output is:

3*pi/2 + exp(I*x)/(x**2 + y)

SoftwareVersionPython2.7.3 (default, Feb 27 2014, 20:00:17) [GCC 4.6.3]
IPython2.0.0OSposix [linux2]numpy1.6.1matplotlib1.1.1rcscipy0.9.0Thu Apr 03
00:02:41 2014 MST

If I open a terminal in the same directory and repeat these steps the
output is displayed in a pretty printing format:

rj at rjslptp:~$ ipython
Python 2.7.3 (default, Feb 27 2014, 20:00:17)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

IPython 2.0.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
?         -> Introduction and overview of IPython's features.
%quickref -> Quick reference.
help      -> Python's own help system.
object?   -> Details about 'object', use 'object??' for extra details.

In [1]: from IPython.display import display

In [2]:

In [2]: from sympy.interactive import printing

In [3]: printing.init_printing()

In [4]:

In [4]: from __future__ import division

In [5]: import sympy as sym

In [6]: from sympy import *

In [7]: x, y, z = symbols("x y z")

In [8]: k, m, n = symbols("k m n", integer=True)

In [9]: f, g, h = map(Function, 'fgh')

In [10]: Rational(3,2)*pi + exp(I*x) / (x**2 + y)
3⋅π    ℯ
─── + ──────
 2     2
      x  + y

I imagine I'm missing something simple but I haven't been able to figure
out what it is. Any help would be appreciated.

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