[IPython-dev] \citep and \citet for markdown latex citations

Aaron O'Leary aaron.oleary at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 07:50:02 EDT 2014

> I agree that the html tag is a bit long-winded. Shorter solution would
> be better if poss.                                                                                                                                                
> But in terms of rendering they look fine;                                                                                                                      
> <cite data-cite="granger2013">(Granger, 2013)</cite>                                                                                                           
> just gets rendered as 'Granger, 2013'.

I meant the rendering of things that aren't html tags. If you want to
avoid writing html tags this is important - e.g. if we used
`\citet{granger2013}`, this currently gets rendered as-is. 

The natural way around this would be with a javascript citation parser -
same idea as mathjax - but this is way too much work I think. For me, it
isn't so bad having raw citation commands in my markdown cells.

> In the end I've actually opted to use my institution's latex thesis
> template, with various post-nbconvert few hacks on the .tex files. If I had
> more time I would have preferred to make an nbconvert template that does
> the same job; but I don't have that luxury and also am not a latex expert.
> Repo is here
> https://github.com/JohnGriffiths/phd-thesis-template

> ...though I wasn't planning on publicising this yet as it isn't
> particularly clean and lots of uncommitted changes. You might want to take
> a look at this notebook though
> http://nbviewer.ipython.org/github/JohnGriffiths/phd-thesis-template/blob/master/JG_hacks/DoMe.ipynb

cheers, that's excellent. Nice to know there is a fall back if I can't
get a nbconvert template going. I have some vague ramblings about this here:


Some sort of generic template would be good - putting outputs into
figures and the like. This is always going to be customised to what
the institution requires, so you'd just keep it simple.

I have a few aims: i) reproducibility, ii) not writing in latex, iii)
submitting this summer. Some of these might conflict. I'm doing my
analysis in the notebook and I'm aiming for that to just transition into
a thesis as I flesh it out. It is very easy to procrastinate by spending
time thinking about the notebook template! but this is something I need
to sort to achieve i and ii.

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