[IPython-dev] \citep and \citet for markdown latex citations

John Griffiths j.davidgriffiths at gmail.com
Tue Mar 18 06:42:57 EDT 2014

So I opened an issue, and in the end did a little hack myself and submitted

See links here for the PR and for an example notebook


I agree that the html tag is a bit long-winded. Shorter solution would be
better if poss.

But in terms of rendering they look fine;

<cite data-cite="granger2013">(Granger, 2013)</cite>

just gets rendered as 'Granger, 2013'.

I've raised a few latex issues over the last year or so on stackoverflow
that various ipython peeps have helped with. You might find some of those


In the end I've actually opted to use my institution's latex thesis
template, with various post-nbconvert few hacks on the .tex files. If I had
more time I would have preferred to make an nbconvert template that does
the same job; but I don't have that luxury and also am not a latex expert.

Repo is here


...though I wasn't planning on publicising this yet as it isn't
particularly clean and lots of uncommitted changes. You might want to take
a look at this notebook though


...which basically does everything and has a reasonable amount of

Let me know your thoughts. I could easily see an 'nbconvert thesis
template' being very popular. Happy to help move a mini-project like that

On 18 March 2014 08:06, Aaron O'Leary <aaron.oleary at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Seems the natural thing to do would be to be able to write "<cite
> > data-citep="
> >  and "<cite data-citet="  , with syntax otherwise the same as above.
> > Ultimately one might want to have more of the natbib citation
> functionality
> > (see e.g. http://merkel.zoneo.net/Latex/natbib.php). To start with
> though I
> > think these two would go a long way to making notebook markdown article
> > writing feasible for non-numbered citation formats.
> Or you could have `<cite date-cite="granger2013" type="citet"...`.
> Might be more flexible.
> I feel that writing the explicit html tag is a bit cumbersome and that
> we could do with a shorthand. We could use latex \citet, \citep
> directly, or we could go with the pandoc @granger2013, [@granger2013].
> The problem with shorthand is that it won't be rendered nicely in the
> interactive notebook.
> I've been thinking about this recently as I'm developing my thesis in
> the notebook. I've also got some ideas about referencing figures. I'd
> be happy to work on a PR with you John.
> aaron
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