[IPython-dev] Problems with tikzmagic and svg output

David Powell DavidAnthonyPowell+python at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 18:55:23 EDT 2014

> I suppose you should display it in an iframe, if you display the SVG with
> the isolated=true metadata,
> IPython should do that for you automatically.
Thanks, this was a fairly easy modification to the magic

> > On a related point, is there an easy way to export the .svg output of a
> cell to a file directly from within the notebook? I know that I could use
> nbconvert, manually hack the html, or find the temporary svg created by the
> magic, but I was hoping to find a more convenient way.
> No, no easy way. For most content, drag-and drop from Chrome to my desktop
> seem to work here.
> I was able to do it with SVG at some point, but today it refuses.
> --

That's a pity, it would be nice to have a general solution to this problem
for arbitrary data displayed in the cell output. Perhaps some kind of
widget which runs nbconvert and selects the output from one cell would be a
solution. For this specific tikz magic, the easiest thing was to add an
extra argument to save a copy of the file.

Anyway, I have created a modified version of this tikz magic with these two
fixes, shared here in case it is useful to anybody else:

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