[IPython-dev] [jupyter] Jupyter-Drive (integration with google drive) beta.

Kester Tong kestert at google.com
Sat Feb 7 14:23:08 EST 2015

> I'll have a look tomorrow.
> I'll re-look at the implementation but I think we could even have an even
> more generic mixed content manager than takes N contents manager and
> prefixes
> and exposes each of them.
> I suppose we could probably try with Scott (IIRC) postgres backend
> as an exercise.

I like this idea.  It would be slightly more general and consistent than
what we currently use.  The implementation would be simpler since the first
path component will always tell you which content manager to use.  Maybe
the mixed content manager could be part of IPython?  We could test it out
in Jupyter Drive first and move it later (still using regular contents
manager by default).


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