[IPython-dev] [iPython-dev] thoughts on the notebook, alternative front-ends and remote editing

Jared Forsyth jared at jaredforsyth.com
Thu Mar 5 02:29:21 EST 2015

This might be a good time to let y'all know about the alternative front-end
I've been building for ipython :)
Although it's probably better described as a "life manager / notebook" that
happens to have first-class support for ipython integration.

Some important aspects:
- tree-based structure (think workflowy)
- highly optimized for keyboard navigation
- multiple display modes possible (including a mindmap view)
- searchable
- multi-paned (arbitrary paning)
- pop out the output of a node into a separate window
- multiple note types (markdown, code, todo-item, list-item, embedded image)
- import/export to .ipynb and several other formats
- visual indication that cell is "dirty" -- the contents have been changed
since last evaluation

- browser-based, but offline-first (no server required)
- connects to an ipython server, or a clojure repl, or an in-browser js
- *everything is always saved* to in-browser storage, with optional
synchronization to google drive or a github gist (for multi-user,

I've managed to get together a tutorial for ipython
<http://app.notablemind.org/tutorial/ipython/> and a  general navigation
tutorial <http://app.notablemind.org/tutorial/>, and more docs are coming

I'd love to get your feedback!


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