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Matthias Bussonnier bussonniermatthias at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 21:28:16 EST 2015

Hey Jared. 

Le 5 mars 2015 à 14:01, Jared Forsyth <jared at jaredforsyth.com> a écrit :

> To those points (in addition to my comments on the issue thread):
> - editor: I think the editor should continue to be codemirror -- let it do what it is good at. I use codemirror in Notablemind, and the interop works just fine. I'd be happy to spin off my react-codemirror component into a separate package if that's helpful

That would be great. 
I've seen a few of these, but they seem to be un-maintained, and haven't receive patches in month. 
I suppose if we can have them in an organisation it would help being sure that there is not a single bottle neck. 
We can see that at the right time.

I'm working on having real-time on current code mirror but if we can code mirror<-> react <-> RT-API that would be even more awesome.

We are not totally decided on react and will have a look at phosphor also, though apparently phosphor does ply nicely with react. 

> - output areas: large binary blobs are no problem for react, as long as you're careful about things. Again, notablemind (rendering ipython outputs) has no problem

I dont think we are concern about big binary blob, but really long notebooks, and some system where math expression
have difficulties to render. 
But hearing that it works great is nice. 

> - widgets: embedding arbitrary widgets within a react component is super simple :). If widgets are written in react, all the better, but that's not necessary.

havent seen a react widget yet... but I suppose there might already be some. 

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