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Jared Forsyth jared at jaredforsyth.com
Fri Mar 6 02:39:14 EST 2015

Regarding math rendering, I use katex, and it's super fast. I also have it
set up so everything can be rendered on the server side (another awesome
bent of react) - no phantomjs required.

On 7:28PM, Thu, Mar 5, 2015 Matthias Bussonnier <
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> Hey Jared.
> Le 5 mars 2015 à 14:01, Jared Forsyth <jared at jaredforsyth.com> a écrit :
> To those points (in addition to my comments on the issue thread):
> - *editor: *I think the editor should continue to be codemirror -- let it
> do what it is good at. I use codemirror in Notablemind, and the interop
> works just fine. I'd be happy to spin off my react-codemirror component
> into a separate package if that's helpful
> That would be great.
> I've seen a few of these, but they seem to be un-maintained, and haven't
> receive patches in month.
> I suppose if we can have them in an organisation it would help being sure
> that there is not a single bottle neck.
> We can see that at the right time.
> I'm working on having real-time on current code mirror but if we can code
> mirror<-> react <-> RT-API that would be even more awesome.
> We are not totally decided on react and will have a look at phosphor also,
> though apparently phosphor does ply nicely with react.
> - *output areas: *large binary blobs are no problem for react, as long as
> you're careful about things. Again, notablemind (rendering ipython outputs)
> has no problem
> I dont think we are concern about big binary blob, but really long
> notebooks, and some system where math expression
> have difficulties to render.
> But hearing that it works great is nice.
> - *widgets: *embedding arbitrary widgets within a react component is
> super simple :). If widgets are written in react, all the better, but
> that's not necessary.
> havent seen a react widget yet... but I suppose there might already be
> some.
> --
> m
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