[IronPython] dll

Curt Hagenlocher curt at hagenlocher.org
Thu Sep 2 04:50:04 CEST 2004

"Jim Hugunin" <jim at ironpython.com> writes:

> Well, if you do this:
> C:\IronPython\bin> IronPythonConsole
> >>> import colors
> You'll get a file called "colors.dll" in the working directory.
> While this dll is technically referencable from C# or VB, I doubt
> that you'll be very happy with it.  IronPython needs a static
> compiler, and that doesn't really exist in the current release.

Isn't it more than that?  IronPython would actually need to be
able to create static type definitions in order to get "native"
support in VB or C#, and that's not a Python language feature
at all.  Without that, there are only two possibilities.

1. Define your type information as an interface in VB or C# and
distribute either two assemblies or a single multi-module assembly.
2. Load the assembly dynamically and use reflection to interact
with it.

Curt Hagenlocher
curt at hagenlocher.org

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