[IronPython] How to get the Type of object

CR Mahesh Mahesh.CR at capco.com
Wed Sep 8 14:10:56 CEST 2004


	Every object in IronPython, like in Python proper, supports a(or
is it some?) intrinsic property for every object created. This is the
__name__ property. You could access it with the normal '.' operator.

	Try the following code, it worked for me.

	>>>from System.Text import *
	>>>s = StringBuilder


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I would like to know is there any way to get the type of the object.
Actaully my requirement is

      1. First i'll create a object for any C#/.Net Datatype (for
obj = StringBuilder())
	2. Second i may create any other objects are do some operations.
	3. Now, On typing obj(in a taxtbox) and clicking on a button i
have to
identify the ObjectType to which it belongs

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