[IronPython] Zope/Plone on IronPython?

Hans-Christian Holm hchrholm at online.no
Mon Apr 4 12:36:34 CEST 2005

What are the prospects for running Zope on IronPython?

Having Zope run on .NET could open up some quite interesting possibilities, esp. for Plone, the popular content management system (CMS) for Zope. I usually work with .NET, but for some CMS stuff I did I chose Plone. I liked that a lot better than the current most popular open source .NET CMS, DotNetNuke, which didn't give me that pleasant open source feeling that Plone gives and seemed a lot more clumsy in many respects.

Zope.NET could be a killer app if it could be tightly integrated with ASP.NET and the rest of the .NET infrastructure. Right now I can't really imagine all the possibilities you would get, but just to have a nice object database and a good CMS on top of that would make .NET a much more interesting choice than all those PHP and Java alternatives for web publishing. Can it be done?!

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