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I was thinking about the name thing again and I really like:


;-) (sorry if this brings an onslaught of new naming messages)

On 8/31/05, Ken Manheimer <ken.manheimer at gmail.com> wrote:
> just incidentally:
> On 8/27/05, Thane <thane at magna-capital.com> wrote:
> > [...]
> > I think that "numpy" is the import name for the "Numerical" library
> > originally created by Paul Dubois.
> it's worth noting that it was our jim hugunin who originated numerical
> python. from http://www.pfdubois.com/numpy/html2/numpy-2.html -
> -=- -=- -=-
> Acknowledgments
> Numerical Python is the outgrowth of a long collaborative design
> process carried out by the Matrix SIG of the Python Software Activity
> (PSA). Jim Hugunin, while a graduate student at MIT, wrote most of the
> code and initial documentation. When Jim joined CNRI and began working
> on JPython, he didn't have the time to maintain Numerical Python so
> Paul Dubois at LLNL agreed to become the maintainer of Numerical
> Python. David Ascher, working as a consultant to LLNL, wrote most of
> this document, incorporating contributions from Konrad Hinsen and
> Travis Oliphant, both of whom are major contributors to Numerical
> Python.
> Since the source was moved to SourceForge, the Numeric user community
> has become a significant part of the process. Numerical Python
> illustrates the power of the open source software concept.
> -=- -=- -=-
> jim's made real some of the most important practical python inroads -
> numpy, jpython/jython, and now IronPython (i like "FePy", btw:).
> ken.manheimer at gmail.com
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