[IronPython] Making A Windows Form App

Martin Maly martmaly at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue Jul 12 00:54:02 CEST 2005

The command line tool that comes with IronPython runs in the standard
Windows console.
You can set up the console to allow copy'n' paste. To do that:

left click on the icon on the upper-left corner of the console window
select "Defaults"
Check "Quick edit mode"
Restart the IronPython.

Then you can use mouse to select area on the console. Right click (or
Enter) will copy to clipboard
and another right click of the mouse will insert the text as a console
input. I find this very useful
when using the IronPython console.


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> Namespaces are the biggest problem, LoadAssemblyByName and 
> importing modules are always a paint for me. The 'editor' or 
> command line tool is also a bit annoying as you can not copy 
> or paste text from/to it which makes it harder to work with, 
> but when I had a poke about with MSIL Disassembler I found: 
> IronPythonConsole.FancyConsole, is this some kind of more 
> advanced console, as I often make a lot of small programs in 
> IronPython to test things about and something like a nicer 
> IDE would be great, it is not like Jython where I can get a 
> book so better documentation would go a long way.

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