Re: [IronPython] Any have one good reason to use .NET Framework v2.0 with IronPython

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>Luis Carrillo wrote:
>> Why I need to update the .NET Framework v2.0 with revisions 50215,
>> knowing that this version is BETA!!, I work with v1.2, and I don't
>> need one upgrade yet.
>> Why not work it?? with early versions of .NET or give more options to
>> downloads, like IronPython 0.7.5 to .NET Fram.. v.1.0 or v.1.2,
>> Thanks 4 your time when u reply me...
>Hi there,
> From my understanding of the situation, a number of enhancements to 
>.NET 2.0 are specifically geared for implementing languages such as 

That's right. Quote from the FAQ page on the documentation section of the

A: There are a lot of features in .NET 2.0 that we wanted to use in IronPython.
These include generics, DynamicMethods, new kinds of delegates, and more.
We could have supported these new features using #ifdefs to keep a version
of the code base that ran on 1.1. I decided that backwards compatibility
wasnt worth complicating the code base and development of IronPython at this
time. I expect that when we start working on adding support for new .NET
3.0 features to IronPython that well do them in the #ifdef or similar way
so that IronPython will continue to run on .NET 2.0 for the foreseeable future.

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