[IronPython] .NET build used for IronPython

Bob Arnson ironpython at bobs.org
Wed Jun 15 09:03:30 CEST 2005

> I'm not sure if you can help me with this because I don't 
> think it's an 
> IronPython exclusive problem, but it is the only thing that comes up 
> broken.  I am running VS2005 build 8.0.50110.28 with .NET build 
> 2.0.50110.  Last night I tried upgrading to .NET build 2.0.50215, 
> downloaded from the MSDN pages, by uninstalling the old one before 
> installing the new package.  Once I did this my VS2005 would 
> crash when 
> I opened a project, so I reverted to 2.0.50110 and rebuilt everything.
> Now any time I try to run an IronPython console I get the trace given 
> below.  The only thing I haven't tried yet is a complete reinstall of 
> VS.  Any ideas?

Recent builds of IronPython require .NET 2.0 beta 2. You should consider
upgrading to VS beta 2, so both VS and IronPython are using the same (known)
build of .NET.


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