[IronPython] Licence regrets

Andreas Kotes count-ironpython at flatline.de
Tue Mar 29 00:01:02 CEST 2005

Hi Jim!

I'm sorry, but I have to say this:

I deeply regret the licence decision. Instead of adapting a fair and
working OSI-style license like the revised BSD license, IronPython was
made 'special' by encumbering it with legal non-sense which only truly
benefits a small group of people/companies by harming all others. This
is going to kill momentum and credibility, while only gaining a little
money in the short run. A terrible cost, and a terrible loss.

Please reconsider reviewing and adapting the BSD license, which allows
free commercial and non-commercial use, free modification without being
forced to release the source / intellectual property to anyone, and is
otherwise widely accepted and respected.

The decision what code goes in which repository where belongs and will
keep to belong in the hands of the owner of the repository, that is, as
long as you are the accepted and respected leader of the IronPython
development you'll stay the person setting the policy / the BDFLUS.

If it's no longer your decision because you sold it - tough luck. Then
you created something beautiful for the community which you now have
allowed 'the dark side' to put a reasonable stake in. It will grow and
thrive, but it will have an ugly zit sitting where it might never be
allowed to heal.

Kind regards,


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