[IronPython] Ironpython 0.7 released!

Keith J. Farmer kfarmer at thuban.org
Tue Mar 29 01:54:27 CEST 2005

Random comments while I wallow in J2EE madness...
My only complaint about Passport is that there's no way to merge accounts (and I specifically would like to do so for GDN).  Having a wallet of Passports to allow per-site assignation would be great but this is not the place for such suggestions.
GDN:  please keep the mailing lists.. GDN's fine as a place to distribute, but having dealt with it for the past couple years just doesn't work out very well.
Licensing and submissions: Having dealt with the poor QC record of various projects that'd take any and all contributors, I'd be far more interested in just getting a copy of the binaries, and a place to dump bug reports.  I don't need any sort of CVS if updatesare published with the 2-week regularity that's being hoped for.  I also don't need any CVS access to submit changes, and would prefer such access to be close to absent across the board, for quality control.  So in that, I must disagree at least in part with LaCour, but I do agree that having another avenue to deal with updates would be good.
That said, despite what some may claim, software isn't free and any IP issues are really between Jim, MS, and Guido/PSF.  The late-1990s "Open Source" and the 1980s "public domain" are two different concepts that get interchanged far too often.  It's been bad enough that "Open Sores" is a common enough statement from -- and definitely doesn't buy any legitimacy with -- my cohorts.  Give us corporate backing and let the legal department protect the legitmate interests.  It's all part of the business of the professional software industry.  Frankly, Dumbill should just get over it and evaluate technical merits, not camp politics.
Jim and MS have more-or-less committed to giving us something we've wanted a long time, which until FePy came along was declared nigh impossible.  Personally, I'd pay to have a first-class, IDE-supported release, provided the quality was up to the standards I've come to expect from C#.  I'd also pay for Cw, but that's another story (any updated rumors on that one, Jim?).


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