[IronPython] more pythonic than python (end)

Sylvain Hellegouarch sh at defuze.org
Wed Jun 21 15:27:53 CEST 2006

> For sure, i don´t want nor like  a messy language with thousands of
> features that would satisfy any randomic newbie wish. I want a compact,
> clean, robust, simple, coerent and friendly language: everything that
> Python
> promissed to be. Of course, such perfect language won´t 100% satisfy
> everybody, but then it will be a case of "Love it or leave it".

It is interesting that you claim promises to have all the features you
listed and yet you think it should break those features to be nice to
newbies. As stated what you suggested is a matter of taste, therefore
little long term value for the community.

I remember one of my first wish I sent to the Python community (sadly I
sent it on the python-dev list and got [rightly] kicked out) was to add a
new keyword "Empty" because I found that None was sometimes semantically
unclear in some contexts. In the end a few developers explained what I
wanted was syntaxic sugar which added no value to the language itself.
They were right.

> If  i understand well, the good developers of the language have too much
> work  to deal with changes that would fit in the fundamental principles
> over
> wich the language as prototyped (Zen of Python, for example) but are not
> indispensable  for make a piece of code works. I think that it is a pity
> that they are too busy.

I don't think you understood correctly. They won't do what you suggest
because they are too busy but because they don't believe it would add any
value, and since the language already allows you to achieve it, why should
they spend time on it?

- Sylvain

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