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Mark Rees mark.john.rees at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 08:19:26 CET 2006

This is why we need to give Sanghyeon more help with his FePy project.
fepy.sourceforge.net provides an avenue for us to make IronPython more
useful for people who want to use it with the CPython libraries or need
fixes to problems in a rapid timeframe. Imho IronPython in it's current form
is get for scripting or developing .NET/Mono apps as long as you are content
to use the .NET/Mono framework libraries. If you want to start utilising the
wonderful CPython libraries, the things that Microsoft consider minor
incompatibilities with CPython can be showstoppers. So even if Microsoft
cannot accept patches from outside sources, fepy certainly will.

And to Microsoft and the Dynamic Languages team, you have created a good
implementation of Python for CLI, but there is the opportunity make it even
better and more powerful.


On 11/13/06, Christopher Baus <christopher at baus.net> wrote:
> > patch-ironpython-base64-slash
> > This patch fixes an issue that strings with slashes are incorrectly
> > decoded by base64 module.
> >
> > patch-ironpython-re-lastgroup
> > This patch implements lastgroup attribute of match objects produced by
> > regular expression matching.
> >
> > patch-stdlib-logging-getframe
> > This patch prevents sys._getframe() from being called in logging
> > because it's not implemented on IronPython.
> >
> > I will submit the last one to CPython.
> > I will create a new release of the community edition with above patches
> > ASAP.
> >
> Wow, great work.  Maybe I shouldn't give up yet.
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