[IronPython] Secret project: Simplified Data Scenarios (?)

David Ebbo David.Ebbo at microsoft.com
Tue Nov 14 18:45:29 CET 2006

Hi Luis,

This was a prototype of something that we're working on.  It is still at a very early stage, so we're not ready to give bits out yet.  We will definitely announce it to this list when we are ready for an external testing phase, so stay tune!


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I just read an article in eWeek entitled "Secret Microsoft Project Ties IronPython to ASP.NET":

It mentions a secret project called "Simplified Data Scenarios" where developers can "easily build data-bound applications from scratch" starting only with a database. The prototype enables users to customize applications programmatically using IronPython.

Sounds great, but I couldn't find more information about this...
Anybody knows what is this about?

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