[IronPython] Immutable value types, again

drew moore drew at astro.pas.rochester.edu
Sat May 12 17:01:20 CEST 2007

No comments on mutable value types?
I hope my post wasn't too trollish. I expected *somebody* to respond.
I figured if I was struggling with it, other people had to be as well, 
so I felt obligated to speak up.


* Nobody else seems to be having issues with the immutable value types 
decision. Perhaps most interfaces follow "the guidelines" and most users 
don't run across this one.

* Nobody clued me in on something I could have done short of writing 
some C# code. I expected some kind soul to say something like "you fool, 
you just need to cast it to a ref type and then you can mutate it all 
you want. When you need the val type, just cast it back. Didn't you read 
the tutorial??" I don't do much IronPython or .NET stuff so I'm a bit of 
a noob there. I did read the tutorials, but I might have missed something.

Just curious: does IronRuby have a similar situation? Did they make the 
same decision? (not that I'm thinking of switching to Ruby. Ruby's a 
great language I hear, but I'm too much of a Python fanatic to switch. ;-)



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