[IronPython] Orcas integration?

Aaron Leiby fireonyoursleeve at hotmail.com
Tue May 15 07:48:23 CEST 2007

Good call on both counts.  For the exceptions, under Debug -> Exceptions... 
unchecking 'User-unhandled' for all Common Language Runtime Exceptions, and 
checking 'Thrown' instead enables breaking on stuff like divide by zero. 
For the missing 'global' I had to add 
Microsoft.Scripting.UnboundLocalException (same checkbox settings).  I 
imagine there will be more, but they're easy enough to add as they show up 
in the debug output window as unhandled.  Thanks.


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> FYI getting this to work w/ v2.0 is probably no small amount of work. 
> We've temporarily removed several features from v2.0 (such as CodeDom and 
> the static type compiler) which were used by the VS SDK integration to 
> varying degrees.  The AST has also significantly changed which probably 
> means the language service that targetted v1.x and shipped w/ the VS SDK 
> is probably quite broken too.
> We are talking to the VS SDK team and trying to figure out what version 
> their next release will target, when we can get those various features 
> back into 2.0, etc...  Unfortunately we don't have any sort of ETA yet.
> On the other issues:
> #1) You probably need the Mark of the Web in the .html file.  This will 
> tell IE that the file that's local on your machine is to be treated as 
> being in the internet zone.  A quick search for mark of the web should get 
> you what you need.
> #2)  There's an outer most exception handler and you might have VS setup 
> to catch unhandled exceptions.  Try disabling that in the exceptions menu. 
> If that doesn't do it try disabling Just My Code and it should start 
> catching all exceptions.
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>> Any luck?
> I didn't get to spend too much time on this yesterday, but all the
> IronPython Visual Studio integration seems to have been ported over 
> intact.
> It's still using IP1.1 though, and I didn't dig far enough to see what it
> would take to update it to use IP2.0.  Also, the Silverlight project 
> wizards
> create a C# vproj which builds a dll and then launches your app in IE.
> There aren't yet any project wizards for setting up a similar vproj for
> IronPython.  Of course the whole point of the VS SDK is so we can add this
> stuff ourselves, but I'd rather focus on using the tools at this point
> instead of extending them.
> You can setup a C# Silverlight project and simply remove all the .cs 
> files,
> add your own .py files and switch the XAML over to using that instead:
> <x:Code Source="Page.py" Type="text/python" />
> Two things keeping this from being useful for me at this time:
> 1) IE pops up the ActiveX "are you sure" warning every time you launch for
> debugging (this doesn't happen when just using the default C# codebehind).
> 2) The debugger doesn't catch exceptions thrown by IronPython (like it 
> does
> when launching an IronPython project) - instead the script just halts
> (though other bits of the Silverlight app continue running as though 
> nothing
> happened).
> The first one is just annoying, but the second one killed me when I wasted
> an hour due to a missing 'global' declaration.
> x = 10
> def foo():
>  global x # <-- I was missing this
>  x = -x
> Definitely a step in the right direction, but still a little early to be
> working with it at this point it seems.
> If anyone knows workarounds to the above mentioned issues, please share.
> Aaron
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>> On 5/13/07, Aaron Leiby <fireonyoursleeve at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> After sending out that email, I discovered the VSX team has their Orcas
>>> SDK
>>> April 2007 CTP up at http://www.vsipmembers.com.  I'm downloading that
>>> now.
>> Nice find!  Downloading it myself now...
>>> Hopefully it has all the same IP VS integration goodness that was in the
>>> v4.0 release for 2005, updated for Orcas.
>> Any luck?
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