[IronPython] Questions about IronPython re Forrester Survey

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For the decisions on what goes into releases...  For small issues and requests we track these on CodePlex and pick them largely based upon the number of votes.  For minor releases we also take into consideration how destabilizing the change will be.

Currently we don't support external contributions.   Typically there are 2-4 developers and 2-4 test developers.  Those numbers get bigger and fluctuate as you step back and look at the wider DLR work, more languages, and various tools and support that build on top of IronPython.  That makes it hard to give you an exact number as being a small team we do bounce around a bit.

Release plans are a little in flux now but let me just give you some historical data points.  During development v1.0 we typically shipped a new alpha/beta every 3 to 4 weeks.  We also uploaded the current source tree to our CodePlex site on a per-checkin basis.  We still have some infrastructure to get in place for the nightly source codes and some internal coordination around release cycles.  We went dark to do much of the initial work on v2.0 but now that v2.0 Alpha 1 has been released the plan is to get back into a similar pattern.  Major releases have been more about when they're ready.

Looking at v1.1 for the last release:  We had some on-going feature work that did not make the bar for v1.0 as it wasn't done in time and couldn't make it into betas, we did new feature work for the most popular features on CodePlex, and then we did a number of non-destabilizing targeted bug fixes for the most requested bugs on CodePlex.

I think Seo covered the Mono side.

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Time is short and I'm still looking for answers to some questions about
IronPython, so that it makes a good showing in the Forrester survey.

1) How is the project governed?  How does the IronPython community make
decisions on what goes into a release?

2) How many committers to the IronPython source are there?  Open to outside
people or just Microsoft?

3) Does IronPython have a formal defined release plan?  Every 6-months?
Whenever it feels right?

4) Some crude idea of how many new major and minor features were added in the
last release?  This is to give some idea of its current rate of
evolution/stability in features.

5) Does IronPython yet run under Mono?  Basically, is IronPython today still
tied to Windows or is it cross-platform?

Thanks for any one-line answers you can dash off to me today.

Jeff Rush
Python Advocacy Coordinator

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