[IronPython] Inserting TABs (was Re: VS Shell Addin for IronPython Studio)

Carl Cerecke carl.cerecke at telogis.com
Wed Jul 23 23:56:41 CEST 2008

Since the topic of IronPython Studio has come up...

On Thu, Jul 24, 2008 at 5:12 AM, Oleg Tkachenko <olegtk at microsoft.com> wrote:
> In Integrated mode (when IronPython Studio isn't
> standalone installation, but part of Visual Studio) extending scenario just
> works.

It doesn't quite 'just work' for me. Some things are great, but others
are frustrating:
1. The text editor will insert TABs from time to time in the first
column. (even though prefs have 'Insert tabs as spaces' set).
2. Stepping through in the debugger, the 'show next' statement is
sometimes incorrect
3. The watch window and immediate window are mostly useless while
execution is paused. I can't see the value of most python vars.
4. F11 won't step into called functions (well, it does, but it goes
through half a dozen assembly instructions first)
5. The auto-complete is both too eager (e.g. for statements), and not
intelligent enough (this is a hard problem, though)
6. The interactive IronPython Console can be useful, but it would be
great if it could somehow attach to the interpreter of a paused app so
I could inspect variables and execute statements.

Any ideas how to fix any these problems, please let me know.

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