[IronPython] events in PowerPoint

Julien Sylvestre jusylves at videotron.ca
Wed Jun 25 01:51:46 CEST 2008

   I'm new at Ironpython, I've been looking at a way to interact 
dynamically with PowerPoint.

I got some simple code to work to access the text in a box which is 
selected in PowerPoint:

import clr
from System.Runtime.InteropServices import Marshal
import Microsoft.Office.Interop.PowerPoint as PowerPoint
ppt = Marshal.GetActiveObject("PowerPoint.Application")
sel = ppt.ActiveWindow.Selection.TextRange
print sel.Text

This is nice, because if I change the text that was initially selected 
in PowerPoint, and do "print sel.Text" again, I get the updated text in 
Python (i.e., I get a reference to the TextRange object, which I can 
interogate with the Text method when changes are made in PowerPoint).

My question is: is there a way to register an event handler to do some 
action automatically when the text is modified in PowerPoint? Ideally, 
I'd like my Python script to execute some actions whenever the TextRange 
object is modified in PowerPoint. If that's not feasible, I could also 
run those actions when the user does something particular (like changing 
his selection, or saving his PPT file).

I've been trying to introspect my Python objects, but couldn't locate 
anything that would allow me to setup my event handler.

Any comment or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


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