[IronPython] UI Automation and ControlTypeProperty

Shri Borde Shri.Borde at microsoft.com
Tue Mar 25 00:04:49 CET 2008

If you can check if the failing API calls Assembly.GetCallingAssembly by placing a breakpoint in the debugger, that would be 99% confirmation that it is the same issue.

Alternatively, you could change the C# code to use Reflection.Emit to create a method which invokes the UI Automation API. If this fails, it is the same bug. The bug affects all dynamic code (IronPython source code gets compiled to Reflection.Emit on the fly).

I have pinged the UI Automation team to find out the status of the bug.

You could open a bug in the IronPython tracker. Given that its most likely not an IronPython issue, we may not be able to get to it in time to unblock you.

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On Mar 24, 7:14 am, Shri Borde <Shri.Bo... at microsoft.com> wrote:
> UI Automation did have a problem with IronPython. Seehttp://blogs.msdn.com/shrib/archive/2008/03/24/ironpython-cannot-call.... I am not sure if the issue has been fixed yet by the UI Automation team. Or if you are running into that same issue or something else.
So the problem is with the UI Automation? Is there a way to verify
this comes from the same root cause?
Should I submit the issue in the codeplex issue tracker?

-- Marcel
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