[IronPython] Problem calling proper version of function

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Wed Sep 3 05:22:46 CEST 2008

We never have strong typing so we'll never see the difference between GetInterface() and GetClass(). Instead we'll always just see that we have a MyClass and do the lookup based upon that.  The worst case scenario here is you'll need to do IMyInterface.MyProperty.GetValue(instance).

OTOH if you can make MyClass or "public string MyProperty" internal then they'd just not be visible to IronPython.  That'd mean we'd pick up the explicit interface implementation as of the IronPython 2.0B4 I believe.

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This may just be how Python works, but I wanted to check with you guys

Say I have an assembly named MyLibrary that contains the following code:
namespace MyLibrary
  public interface IMyInterface
    string MyProperty{ get;}
  public class MyClass : IMyInterface
    string IMyInterface.MyProperty
      get { return "MyInterface version of MyProperty"; }
    public string MyProperty
      get { return "MyClass version of MyProperty"; }
    public static IMyInterface GetInterface(){ return new MyClass();}
    public static MyClass GetClass() { return new MyClass(); }
A console application with the following code
  MyLibrary.IMyInterface a = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetInterface();
  Console.WriteLine("MyInterface call = " + a.MyProperty);
  MyLibrary.MyClass b = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetClass();
  Console.WriteLine("MyClass call = " + b.MyProperty);

Will produce the following output:
  MyInterface call = MyInterface version of MyProperty
  MyClass call = MyClass version of MyProperty

Now if I use IronPython and write a script that looks like the following

import clr
import MyLibrary
a = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetInterface()
print "MyInterface call = ", a.MyProperty
b = MyLibrary.MyClass.GetClass()
print "MyClass call = ", b.MyProperty

The output of this script is
MyInterface call = MyClass version of MyProperty
MyClass call = MyClass version of MyProperty

I've been testing IronPython on our CAD application and everything has been
working great except for this issue. It is actually a pretty big issue for
me because the way I wrapped our C++ SDK for .NET uses this feature quite a
bit. If this is the expected result in python, is there a way to force the
interface version of the property_get function to be called?


Steve Baer
Robert McNeel & Associates

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