[IronPython] Main Utility of IronPython?

Adam Brand adamb at silverkeytech.com
Sat Apr 11 21:52:59 CEST 2009

What do you guys think people are using IronPython for, primarily?


Web Apps? WinForms? Admin scripting? 


There were over 20,000 searches for IronPython last month. In comparison,
IronRuby got 8,100.  ASP.Net MVC got practically no searches. Why all the
interest? What is the killer use case?


I would think web apps, but I don't think that's backed up by the usage of
IronPython for ASP.Net.


The primary reason we use it is for web apps, where we feel there are
productivity gains using IP for ASP.Net for front-end code and C# on the
backend. This use case, though, requires people to use two different
languages, which is a bit of a bar to raise where people mostly use C#.
There had better be significant productivity boosts using IP for that to
catch on.  


Thoughts on what IP's niche is and will be?



SilverKey Technologies

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