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Cronin, Ted tcronin at asrclkrec.com
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Any word on the email address not connecting, also was just pointing out that AddReference was not accessible from References.  Nice to have a graphical way to add references rather than just through code.  By chance has the issue been resolved for adding references for our own assemblies from Gestalt.  Do the tools work with 261, or does that really matter, or should we be testing with 26?  So far this is really nice, in that we now have access to more than just winform capability, so thank you for doing this for the community.

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Currently the best way to add a reference is to call clr.AddReference('assemblyname').  The analysis engine will pick up the call and include the assembly as being available in the list of imports.

I'll take a look at the crashing bug.

As for ASP.NET support we'll need to look into getting some templates and including our existing ASP.NET support in the overall package.  There was also interest at PyCon about this so it seems likely we'll add this in (and it shouldn't be too much work to create a template).

As for online templates we're likely to ship all of the templates we make w/ IpyTools.  But I think you should be able to create on-line templates for other users to use.

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So, that's cool, it appears you have gestalt inside of Ipy Tools, How do we add Reference, also when trying to add a new search path, VS crashes with an Unhandled Exception, duped in sl and wpf.  Will there be an asp.net web form project?  There are no online templates.

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