[IronPython] Iron Python and Silverlight Visual Designer/Editor

Jimmy Schementi Jimmy.Schementi at microsoft.com
Thu Jan 14 23:34:52 CET 2010

Michael Foord wrote:
> It sounds like a big task - but I would *definitely* be interested in using it. :-)
> Michael

True, but the big task isn't the Python part; it's the designer. If you were ok starting from that xaml-playground, then it would be pretty easy to add python support. However, getting the designer to not suck, like snapping to edges and whatnot, would be a larger commitment.


> Jimmy Schementi wrote: 
>> I would start from this:
>> http://visitmix.com/labs/gestalt/downloads/xaml.playground.html
>> It's a designer surface in the browse, feels a little like Blend, but still needs a 
>> bit of work. It would be pretty easy to allow Python code to be part of this UI as well;
>> like double clicking on the UI elements you drop on the canvas and defining callbacks
>> and whatnot.
>> Plus, you could probably write it all in Python =)
>> ~Jimmy

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