[IronPython] IronPython in Visual Studio 2008

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Wed Jan 20 01:25:43 CET 2010

Hello Vicent,

Regarding IronPython in Visual Studio 2008: don't try this.  Visual Studio 
2008 is hopelessly broken when it comes to Python, and it will mangle your 
Python code.  At least that's the way it was when I tried it several 
months ago.  I've been using Eclipse with PyDev with success.

Some of the other more experienced folks can answer your questions about 
building packages and mixing C++ and Python code.  According to the latest 
faq, you can't use modules such as NumPy or SciPy just yet, because they 
are C based and currently there is no way to link that code with the .NET 
based IronPython.  Dino, am I correct?


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