[IronPython] IronPython in Visual Studio 2008 (fwd)

Joshua Kramer josh at globalherald.net
Wed Jan 20 17:27:50 CET 2010

Michael Foord wrote:  "The short answer is no. The Wing debugger is written in 
C. The SharpDevelop debugger (written in C#) does work with IronPython though."

I'm not sure what the language that the editor is written with has to do with 
it.  Eclipse + PyDev is written in Java and it works 95% [1] with IronPython 

[1] There is a slight issue that I had discussed before (and filed a bug report 
on), in that breakpoints in top-level code are only hit approximately 66% of 
the time.  Breakpoints inside of functions appear to be hit 100% of the time 


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