[IronPython] Trying to Create a New Silverlight Project

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 21 15:44:16 CEST 2010

Is this CTP3 or 2.7A1?  This sounds more like a bug than a noobish question
but I'd only expect SL4 to work w/ 2.7A1.

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> All right.  Some attempts to use IronPython and Silverlight have become
> aborted, so I'm trying the most basic: starting a new Silverlight
> project in Visual Studio 2010, after installing IronPython Tools for
> Visual Studio 2010.
> It seems simple enough.  Click on "New Project...".  In the dialog box
> that opens, select "IronPython" in the list of Installed Templates.
> Select "IronPython Silverlight Web Page" in the list of offered app
> templates.
> Simple enough.  But when I try to save the project so that I can see
> what the webpage looks like, I get an error: "The operation could not
> be completed.  No such interface supported".
> Any idea what could be wrong?  (Should I also see a XAML file?  I only
> have an HTML file and a Python script that adds a button method.)
> Sorry for the noobish questions.  I just want to get an IronPython
> Silverlight project running in some form on .NET 4.
>  -- Best Regards,
>     Matt Funke
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