[IronPython] WPF Controls with Ipy

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Fri Jun 4 20:50:05 CEST 2010

Ted wrote:
> Trying to use third party controls with VS Tools for Ipy with WPF is not
> working as expected.  I can add a third party control if the language is c#,
> but when I try and do the same thing using IronPython with WPF, the third
> party controls do not get added to the designer as I expect.  The VS interface
> grays out for a second, and then it goes back to normal with nothing being
> added.

Could this be because we don't have a grid or canvas in the default template for
a window?  With our default templates I get this same experience (grey out, nothing
happens) for both 3rd party and normal WPF controls.  If I add a Canvas or a Grid
then I'm able to drag and drop controls onto the surface.

There's still issues at that point of not actually having the references added but
I think if I made sure the assemblies were deployable and did a clr.AddReference
then it'd work (we have plans to improve that).

So I think we just need to update the template to match the same sort of template 
that C# produces by default.

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