[IronPython] How to find import in ipy

Michael Foord michael at voidspace.org.uk
Thu Mar 11 18:36:54 CET 2010

On 11/03/2010 17:33, Ken MacDonald wrote:
> Thanks Michael,
> We're using .NET, so this should be OK, I guess? 

If you're using IronPython that you are definitely using .NET. Do you 
mean you are using ASP.NET?

> All of the other controls (StackPanel, Grid...) are being imported 
> from System.Windows.Controls, so I thought ListItem ought to have been 
> somewhere in there.
>>     from System.Web.UI.WebControls import ListItem
>     That's for ASP - is that what you are using?
>>     but I get "can't import UI"
>     You will need to add a reference to its containing assembly before
>     you can import it.
> What is the 'containing assembly'? Should I do something like....

If you go to the MSDN page you were using as a reference previously it 
will tell you what *assembly* the WebControls namespace is contained in 
(System.Web perhaps).

You will need to add a reference to this assembly before you can import 
from it. This will look *something* like:

     import clr

All the best,


> from System.Web import UI
> (guess, not, same error!)
>>     So, anyone know how to do this?
>>     Also, I'm concerned that next time (if I ever get it working
>>     first time) I come to this popup, it will contain the items I had
>>     added previously; how does one go about clearing the whole listbox?
>     listbox.Items.Clear()
>     HTH,
>     Michael
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