[IronPython] fepy's expat.py with xmpp?

Douglas Blank dblank at brynmawr.edu
Sat Jan 29 23:48:04 CET 2011

Anyone have any luck using fepy's pyexpat.py managed code replacement with
xmpp.py on IronPython?

I'm having some trouble getting the xmpp client to talk to the xmppd
server, even though the CPython version works fine. About the only
difference, I think, is pyexpat.py.

In fepy's pyexpat, I don't understand how:

    def Parse(self, data, isfinal=False):
        if isfinal:
            data = "".join(self._data)
            self._data = None

will do any parsing until later, but I'm pretty sure that the CPython
version starts parsing right away.

Am I missing something obvious? Any pointers appreciated!


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