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If you are just trying to enumerate members of a python object, and possibly invoke them, then wouldn't a LanguageContext's DynamicOperations get the job done? Perhaps I am misunderstanding your objectives though.

HostingHelpers.GetLanguageContext(ScriptEngine) to get the LanguageContext, and then just use the Operations property from that. This gives you introspection methods for GetMemberNames() and a number of invocation mechanisms. All you need is a reference to an object to inspect and the language engine that owns it (or one that is compatible with it).

In my implementation of a Watches/Locals/Modules UI for a python debugger, I use that procedure as the basis for routines that populate the inspector grids. Basically, whenever the user reaches a breakpoint via my settrace() hook, I inspect the members of all variables in the current scope and refresh a visual tree (really a grid with indentation), and as they drill down into those objects I just walk down one step further into the data structure. It isn't the fastest thing in the world, but then again it doesn't have to be - the script is effectively paused until I allow the breakpoint to resume.

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Thanks, I'm getting closer.
Now I'm trying to find how to get a (new? current?) CodeContext to, for instance, call DictProxy.keys(..) The public constructor of CodeContext signature (a PythonDictionary and a ModuleContext) doesn't match the examples I could find (ScriptScope, LanguageContext).

Does anyone know of any examples of introspection of a hosted IP scripting from C#?
Evidently there's a lot I'm missing here and would like to do the due homework first.

I'm using NET 4 and don't need 2.x compatibility.


El 23/09/2011, a las 21:43, Dino Viehland escribió:

> __class__ exists on object in python and is then inherited by the 
> other types.  When accessing a member from C# you get its view of the world which doesn't include Python object members.  To get the Python type I suggest calling DynamicHelpers.GetPythonType.
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> Subject: [Ironpython-users] instropection in an embedded engine
> Having the following Python code:
>    class Plugin:
>      def method(self):
>        pass
>    plugin = Plugin()
> and an embedded ScriptScope instance in my .NET application, the 
> following C# works fine
>   dynamic plugin = pythonEngine.GetVariable("plugin");
>   var attrs = plugin.__class__.__dict__;
> if Plugin python class was defined as an old-style class, but fails if 
> Plugin inherits from object (__class__ non existent).
> Under the VS debugger the dynamic object plugin shows as having three 
> attributes .class, .dict and .slots_and_weakref (with dots in their 
> names) but no __class__ or __dict__.
> I found that I could do something like plugin.method.im_class.__dict__ 
> but I'd rather stick with the common idiom.
> Is it a known issue? Something related to the way I'm using the engine?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Hernán.
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