[Ironpython-users] logging.handlers.NTEventLogHandler not in IP?

Dino Viehland dinov at microsoft.com
Fri Jan 13 20:24:28 CET 2012

Douglas wrote:
> Speaking of IronPython's use of the standard Python Library, how does one go
> from IronPython source to an installation with Lib set up properly?
> I see that there are parts of the standard lib in github... a couple
> actually: some under External.LCS_RESTRICTED and another in Languages. Is
> the standard IP lib documented somewhere?

I'm not sure if this has changed at all, but the std lib did indeed used to live in the
External.LCA_RESTRICTED folder.  The IronPython\27 one is the version that we 
ship w/ Ipy.  It's also the one which contains the tests that we run against including
some tests which are disabled.  The CPython\27 one is the baseline unmodified CPython
stdlib and is there to make it easy to do a 3-way merge when updating the standard 

When generating the MSI the standard library is generated into the Wix using 
IronPython\StdLib\StdLib.pyproj but for development purposes you can just set IRONPYTHONPATH
To External.LCA_RESTRICTED\IronPython27\Lib or xcopy the std lib next to 
CPython.  The pyproj only needs to be updated when adding / removing files.

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