[Ironpython-users] IronPython running WDB client

Kerray kerray.cz at gmail.com
Thu May 21 14:03:33 CEST 2015

https://github.com/Kozea/wdb is a slick remote debugger with web interface
which I've been eyeing for quite some time, and I think I'm not the only
one to whom this would be useful :)

Recently I've been able to run the client part of it in IronPython 2.7.6a0
with minor modifications (
The server part runs in CPython and for my purposes, this doesn't matter as
far as the code I'm debugging is IronPython.

There's a problem however that while I can now walk through IronPython
source in a browser window, WDB ignores the code in baseline module, and
only steps into the code when the module is executing a function. It steps
through the function, I can inspect variables etc, but when that function
ends, it doesn't step back into the module.

I've been asking and posting logs in WDB
https://github.com/Kozea/wdb/issues/51/ however it seems to be more of a
IronPython matter.

So please, any ideas? For example, does IronPython have the correct info in

Thanks for anything

Jaromír "Kerray" Matýšek
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