[Mailman-Announce] Unofficial patches pages

Barry A. Warsaw mailman-developers@python.org
Thu, 8 Aug 2002 13:06:39 -0400

I've created a couple of pages off the Mailman wiki:


for collecting unofficial patches.  SourceForge's patch manager is
fine for managing the patches (uploading, updating, describing,
commenting on, etc.), but really lousy for collecting them.  I need to
start closing patches which clearly aren't under consideration, either
because they're against MM2.0.x, or because I'm pushing them back to a
future release.

The wiki pages should be used to describe the patch, and may include a
link to the SF patch manager, or to some other location containing the
patch (you could also add the patch to a sub-wiki page).

SourceForge links will be fine even if the patch itself is closed.
Anybody can add patch summaries to this page, although I may go back
later and edit them.  Please do /not/ add patches to the wiki in-line,
that'll just make for an unreadable wiki.  Please /do/ include an
email address that users of your patch can contact you with.

I've seeded the pages with a link to Richard Barrett's ht://Dig patch,
for which he's included both a MM2.0.x and an MM2.1 patch.

Questions, comments?